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As an important device in the office printing field, inkjet printers still face some common misunderstandings and prejudices despite occupying a large share of the market. This article will delve into the truth behind these biases and reveal the real benefits and potential of inkjet printers.

Prejudice 1: Inkjet printers are prone to clogging

Fact: With the continuous advancement of technology, especially the PrecisionCore® printing technology and DURABrite® ink technology adopted by Epson, the reliability of inkjet printers has been significantly improved. The print head of Epson commercial inkjet printers has automatic detection and adjustment functions to ensure print quality. In addition, the innovative technologies of the AM-C series, such as the print head humidity circulation system and intelligent cleaning function, greatly reduce the occurrence of clogging problems while reducing Epson ink consumption, enabling cost-effective printing.

Epson ink printer

Prejudice 2: Inkjet printers are not suitable for office environments

Fact: In the global market, inkjet printers have occupied a mainstream position. According to statistics, the market share of office inkjet printers reached 66% in 2018 and is expected to grow to 71% by 2023 (according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker®). Inkjet printers are popular partly because of their energy-saving and environmentally friendly properties. Against the background of increasing global power consumption, Epson's Heat-Free cold printing technology does not require heating, significantly reduces energy consumption, while improving the durability of the print head, saving costs for enterprises.

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Prejudice 3: Inkjet printers are slow and have short lifespans

Fact: Epson's inkjet printers excel in speed and durability. Heat-Free cold printing technology eliminates the need for preheating for printing, shortens waiting time, and enables fast output of the first page. The maximum output speed can reach 100 pages/minute. Since the print head will not be damaged by heat during the printing process, its service life is extended and the printing performance is more stable.

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Prejudice 4: Inkjet printers are inferior to laser printers

Fact: Inkjet printers are capable of high-density, high-precision printing while being waterproof, providing users with crisp, sharp text and vivid, brilliant colors. They are often used to print photos and color-rich documents. However, to get the best print quality, make sure to purchase ink cartridges from a reputable toner cartridge supplier

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In summary, inkjet printers, driven by technological advancements, have overcome many of the shortcomings mentioned in traditional prejudices. For example, Epson, as a leader in printing equipment suppliers, continues to conduct technology research and development and optimization, and its inkjet printers have significantly improved in durability, printing speed and quality. In today's pursuit of sustainable development, the environmental protection advantages of Epson inkjet printers are particularly prominent, providing enterprises with the dual benefits of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and environmental protection.

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